Twenty Twenty


Birthdays are strange for me in that the day seems like it should be special, since it is technically my “special day”. Granted, there is probably at least 30,000 other people who share my birth date of May 9th, but that doesn’t impede me from enjoying family and cake and stalking Facebook for the occasional birthday message. It’s nice to pretend that you are center of the universe for a day.

Unfortunately, for the rest of the world, real life has to happen. That’s how I found myself working this Tuesday and attempting to “adult” the morning of my birthday. Thankfully, work wasn’t too stressful, and I had free lunch with a good friend to look forward to. The afternoon was fantastic. I got to spend time with (most) of my close family, and I received some money, clothes, and enough Twix and Triscuits to last me a week (for the average person, the quantity would last at least a month, but I have no self control). It was a great way to usher out the teen years and welcome in the big 2-0.

So for this weeks post, I’ve decided to list 20 things I’ve discovered about being 20 years old. At the time that I’m writing this post, I’ve gotten an entire four days experience with this, so I obviously know what I’m talking about.

  1. People won’t let me forget that I’m now 20. If you have a birthday fast approaching, you better come up with a sufficient way to describe how it feels to be older, because the answer “20 feels the exact same as 19” won’t cut it.
  2. I don’t feel as out of place working with people in their early to late twenties. Yes, I’m still the baby of the workplace, but as least now I’m one year closer.
  3. For three months I’ll be able to tell people that I’m four years older than my brother (we’re three years and nine months apart, but now no one will question me if I round that up).
  4. Even though I’m 20 and my brother is 16, I probably still look like I could be his younger sister or twin.
  5. I can now compain about teenagers without the awkward realization that I technically still am one.
  6. Now that I no longer have “teen” in my age, there’s more pressure (from both those around me and from myself) to be an adult. I’m not sure if that’s necessarily a good thing.
  7. In my book, 20 is a more aesthetically pleasing number than 19.
  8. I still find myself watching children’s cartoons with my sister and actually…enjoying…some of them. Ranting about the terribles ones is still just as fun.
  9. Now that I’m a number that can effortlessly be split into 10’s, it’s easier for me to subtract my age from the current year so that I can remember what year I was born in (I try, but there are times where I still have to use my fingers to determine left from right).
  10. I’m starting to panic because I’m not as rich as my 10-year-old self thought I would
  11. I can now make the joke that since I’m 20, I see in 20/20 vision. Unfortunately, I’m as blind as a bat and anyone who has seen me without my contacts or glasses can testify to that.
  12. Anything from the year 1997 is turning 20 years old this year. I would list a few popular songs or movies but…I can’t say I exactly remember much from that year.
  13. Since (according to Google, master of all) the average U.S. citizen lives to be 78.94 years, theoretically I’m a little over a fourth of the way through my life. No too worried, though, since that gives me another 60 years to discover the secret to immortality or the location of the  Fountain of Youth.
  14. I would still rather watch Sesame Street than football anyday. 20 does not a sports fan make.
  15. I get excited when I see 20 dollar bills. Still couldn’t tell you whose face is on that crisp sheet of green, but would you just look at those numbers! That’s how old I am!
  16. Unlike when I was younger, I can’t sympathize with Ariel from The Little Mermaid when she insists that she’s 16 and can make her own decisions. Girl, you’re 16. I’m 20 and still have a hard time deciding what cereal I want in the mornings. Maybe just take a minute to think about this before making a deal with a sea witch. 


    I think this is the second week that I’ve used a GIF of an exasperated Disney princess. What can I say? Disney is my lifeblood.

  17. I still have a weird taste in music. How is it I keep stumbling across bands from the Netherlands that no one heard about?
  18. Surprisingly, I gain a little more confidence at the thought that I’m now 20. Not surprisingly, I still carry the social skills and grace of a four year old.
  19. I will now be wearing sunglasses, a fake mustache, and a headscarf as a disguise whenever I visit the young adult section of the library.
  20. I’ve written the number 20 in this post a grand total of 16 times. If anything, it’s given me enough practice for the upcoming year! Although, in all honesty it will probably take me several months before I stop thinking that I’m 19. I’m not the quickest calculator in the classroom when it comes to numbers.

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