Feeling Blue


Because the Cedar City skies have been covered in gray for the past few weeks thanks to the Brian Head fire, I feel the need to talk about some color. Specifically, my favorite color.

Like most little girls, I adored the color pink in my younger years, but I had no real attachment to it. I think that I claimed pink as my favorite color simply because the aisle of Walmart that contained the little girls’ toys was slathered in pink, and I came to associate the color with Barbies and Polly Pockets and all sorts of other popular toys that have long since gone out of style.

Anyone remember Shorties dolls? Bratz? Strawberry Shortcake before she had the makeover that made her appear exactly like all of her other friends except with a differing hair color? No? Just me? Great, now I’m feeling old.

It didn’t take me very long to grow tired of the color. There came a day when I decided that it was time to move on from the pink and adopt a new color as my favorite. I ultimately decided on blue, and even though I can’t fully remember my original reason for picking this particular color, I think it had something to do with the sky. I saw blue everywhere: the sky, water, my cousin’s bird. The color seemed popular with nature, so why wouldn’t it be popular with me? Besides, I found the color to be soothing and nice to look at.


I could watch this for days, no lie.

When I told one of my friends about this (let’s call her ‘Dahlia’ just for the fun of it), she alerted me that I couldn’t like blue because it was a “boy” color. That comment messed me up for a good 24 hours. I knew pink was associated with girls, but that was the first time that I had heard blue referred to as a “boy’s color”. What did that even mean? Did boys have an exclusive claim on this particular chunk of the rainbow? If I wore blue would people assume I was a boy?

(Side note: I blame her comment on why I thought Blue from Blue’s Clues was a boy up until my teenage years. That entirely flipped my “Blue and Magenta are dating” theory on it’s head).

This mini crises lasted until the next day, when I decided to fully embrace blue because if I was one of the few girls who liked blue, then that was just something that made me more unique. That was their loss, and it left more blue for me! I claimed blue as the official color of clan Calli and I never looked back.

Now I feel like blue is the most common favorite color of the people that I meet, regardless of gender, and a quick search of “most popular favorite color” brought up several bar charts and surveys that confirmed this observation. I consider myself a “blue hipster” (I liked blue before it was cool), but it’s awesome to have more and more people come to understand that blue is the supreme color. Even Dahlia went through a phase in middle school where blue was her favorite color. For those of you who have not been converted to the hue of the blue, go ahead and enjoy your oranges and greens and browns; blue is where it’s at.

Just the other day, my coworker’s wardrobe led to me meeting yet another blue-lover. She made the comment that she hadn’t realized that she was wearing all blue until after she had arrived at work, to which I (utilizing all of my fantastic social skills and giving a sage nod of my head) replied, “blue’s a good color.”

Unlike my coworker, I doubt anyone would be able to correctly identify my favorite color just through my clothes. I almost feel as if things have come full-circle since my childhood, because a lot of my shirts are pink. It’s not even a conscious decision—I don’t have a rule where everything I wear must have pink on it—but there must be something in my subconscious that makes me drift towards it. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if I hate pink, but I find it amusing that I frequently wear a color that isn’t my favorite. Close friends are well aware of my blue preference, but casual acquaintances must think that I worship pink or something.

I once had a friend of a friend make the comment that I was matching, and after taking in my pink shirt, black pants, pink-and-black shoes, pink-and-black wallet, and pink earrings, well, it wasn’t exactly that surprising when he then asked if I was a pink fan.

I guess I might as well admit it: blue is my favorite color, but pink and black is probably my favorite color combination.

Then there’s the fact that purple is my second-favorite color, but that could just be because one of my best friends wore nothing but purple and black for years, and it started to rub off on me. Seeing nothing but purple for a few hours a day for seven years tends to do things to your mind.

Odd color preferences aside, I can assure you that yellow will never be making it’s way into my closet or “favorite colors” list. I can only look at it for about five seconds before a headache starts to form. Just thinking about it is starting to make my head pound. I’ll probably go look at pictures of blue birds just to ease my mind back from it’s tense state once this post is written and done.

For now, I just hope that the skies will clear up soon; I need my blue back.



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