The Art of the Final Blog Post


Doesn’t that title just sound dramatic?

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Confessions of a (Proud) School Nerd


August: the month where things are (supposedly) cooling down, a few stores decide to skip Halloween and Thanksgiving and go right to the Christmas decorations, and Calli starts screaming internally even more than usual because the lazy days of Summer are about to be brutally slaughtered by the reality that is school.

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Shoes: A Girl’s Best Frenemy Final


No matter the generation or the individual, I believe that we’ve all gone through that fashion phase that we regret. For me, the fashion faux pas that I would take back, should I have access to a time traveling machine, would be Airwalks. Now, when I say Airwalks I don’t mean the company in general, but the style of shoe that used to be popular back in the early 2000’s, better known as a knock-off brand of Crocs.

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If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Hide Out in the Kitchen


It’s come to my attention that the weather plays a significant part in a large chunk of my blog posts. Either this is an accurate reflection of my ability to make small talk and little else with strangers, or I just happen to be more sensitive to the whims of Mother Nature than someone who spends 90% of her time indoors should be. Upon review, four of my 26 previous posts are weather or season-related. That’s roughly 15.384% for those of you who prefer percentages.

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Good Sport, Clueless Fan


This probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows anything about my bookworm, indoor-loving, introverted self, but I don’t love sports. To be fair, I don’t exactly hate them either. There’s been some talk around my workplace for the last month about the NBA draft, and I’ve realized that I’m stuck in some form of sports limbo; I know more about sports than my pasty complexion would lead people believe, but there is still very much that I don’t know, nor do I have a desire to know, when it comes to activities of the athletic variety.

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When the Boys are Away, the Girls Will Stay (Sane)


There are a total of six people in my immediate family, split evenly between boys and girls. Although there are moments where things can turn “battle of the sexes”, this separation often goes unnoticed by me because, boy or girl, we are all at about the same level of weirdness in my family (except my mother, who has to put up with the antics of our strange crew). It becomes a lot more apparent after the boys disappear on some camping or scouting activity and the dynamics of the household shift completely.

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